This is it! We Are Officially Launching…

Welcome to our new blog everyone. Today, Meagan and I are definitely taking the plunge and we are really excited about sharing our vegan journey with all of you. This blog has been a long time coming as we wanted to be able to properly portray our vision for a better world while at the same time offer information, share recipes and talk about topics and products that have made a significant impact upon our lives. This blog is for absolutely everyone: vegans, vegetarians, veg-curious, animal activists and athletes to name a few but we will endeavour to cater to everyone while showcasing a broad spectrum of information and topics related to veganism but also to health, exercise and entrepreneurship.

I often say that Veganism has been the single most life defining choice I have made for someone other than myself. What really prompted me to make the move from Vegetarianism to veganism was a new found sense of responsibility for the welfare of animals. For most of my adult life I took comfort in the fact I was vegetarian and that I was really doing my part both for the animal world and myself… Or so I thought. After watching many documentaries and reading extensively on the subject of veganism, something resonated deep within my soul. I remember after watching an extremely poignant documentary one evening, staring at the screen watching the credits scroll up, I was completely speechless. I turned and looked towards Meagan and said: “You realise we are going vegan right?”… To which my wife with her eyes still riveted to the television screen simply replied: “I know…”.

Our eyes had finally been opened, our souls receptive to change. Our moral disconnect, reattached. All of the sudden, there no longer was any amount of fear and judgment from family and friends that could influence the decision that was about to take our lives and that of our two children and six rescue cats into a new direction. The cause was bigger than ourselves… The journey had begun. We needed to take action and the moment was now.

Meagan is one of the most selfless person I’ve had the privilege of knowing. Her love of nature, food and healthy cooking is what drives her. In upcoming blog posts, Meagan will be presenting and curating delicious vegan recipes. Her test kitchen? Two extremely fussy and overly critical vegan children and ferociously carnivorous friends and co-workers. From time to time, I too, will contribute to the food portion of our blog.

For my part, I will be blogging on an eclectic array of subjects ranging from animal rights and veganism to running and exercise, product reviews and the sale and promotion of two wonderful products which I have been using for a few months now and totally fell in love with.

As we strive to be better custodians of planet earth, we invite you to join us on the extraordinary journey we have undertaken… For this journey is not only ours… But hopefully,  also your own!



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