“Follow Your Heart” VeganEggs

Ever so often, vegans will discover a new product which will revolutionise and simplify the way they bake and cook for ever. Such is the case with the new VeganEggs by “Follow Your Heart”. This Egg replacer is nothing short of amazing. As expected, you can use it to replace eggs in your cookies, muffins and cakes but you can also use it to actually make scrambled eggs and omelettes which are nearly identical in taste and texture to the real thing. However, with none of the ethical concerns for animals and the environment associated with the egg industry and a positive impact on your health. This product is brand new and still relatively hard to find in Canadian stores but it is already a huge success and widely available in the U.S.. You will have to follow the instructions to a “t” especially when making scrambled eggs or omelette; although the product looks and feels like uncooked eggs (once you’ve added the ice cold water to the mix), it will cook differently in your pan or skillet. The chemical reaction that changes the molecular structure of the egg protein is slightly different for algal protein and flour so it takes a little longer to cook. Try adding onions, chives, sweet peppers, minced garlic or even some vegan cheese shreds and season to taste to truly make it your own.


About Janik Lamontagne

Janik Lamontagne is a Canadian west coast vegan marathoner and world traveller with a passion for the betterment of health through exercise, nutrition and technology while promoting a vegan lifestyle for the betterment of animal welfare and stewardship of planet earth.