Thermomix Introduction and Review

Thermomix Introduction Review

First things first… Full disclosure here, since purchasing my very own Thermomix I have become an independant consultant (I am no longer a consultant as I have decided to concentrate solely on Vegan Rhapsody for now, however Thermomix still takes centre stage in our cooking life every single day); I bought one, I use it everyday, I love it and I strongly believe it should be part of every kitchen. A few months ago, Meagan and I were attending a trade show in Vancouver B.C. where Thermomix Canada happened to have a booth. The entire family was immediately drawn to this futuristic machine we had never seen before; Meagan because it had to do with food, and the kids and I because it looked like this appliance belonged more in the mess hall of the U.S.S. Enterprise rather then at a health expo. We spent quite a bit of time talking to the consultants and gathered a myriad of information on this funky looking kitchen robot. We also decided to book a free cooking experience (which took place in our own home) with one of the consultants. We were so impressed with Thermomix that we decided to purchase one that very evening; a couple of months later we also decided to take it a step further and we partnered with Thermomix Canada. This is how I became an independent consultant for Thermomix. For me, it was a no brainer… After all, how many Canadian families get to cook with a kitchen appliance that looks and works like something Marty Mcfly brought back from the future.

What on earth is a Thermomix?

It is no coincidence that while we were talking to the consultants at the 2017 Veg Expo (Vancouver), a very eager Vitamix representative strolled up to the Thermomix booth and expressed the desire to work with Thermomix Canada. This appliance is impressive in both appearance and functionality. Fun fact: Porsche had some input in the design of Thermomix. At first glance, one might mistakenly think this machine is some kind of supped up blender on steroids, and while it is the best blender I’ve ever owned, it is also so much more than a blender. That is why, to showcase all its functions and capabilities, we offer a free cooking experience to help people just like you make a decision on whether or not Thermomix is right for your family. No pressure, just a cool evening with your own personal chef and his trusty robot.

But what does it do?

I often joke that the only thing it doesn’t do is the dishes. Having said that, thermomix is super easy to clean.
In essence, Thermomix is 12 appliances in 1.
It Blends
It chops
It whips
It emulsifies
It mills
It Kneads
It cooks
It stirs
It Grinds
It steams
It Weighs
It heats precisely from 37 to 120 degrees
It is truly the worlds smallest smartest kitchen!
Thanks to the integrated technology available in the Thermomix, it is without a doubt the most versatile smartest kitchen appliance ever produced.

I’ve never heard of Thermomix before, Why?

Thermomix is relatively new to Canada but is widely used around the World. In fact 1 out of 4 Australian families own a Thermomix. In Canada, it is well known amongst some culinary circles but our goal is to make Thermomix available to everyone. We are extremely proud Thermomix was showcased on CTV News Calgary in 2016.
Erin Lawrence also did a video review of Thermomix and a full review on her blog…

Why should I get one?

Well for starters, Thermomix is a versatile machine that is both quick and easy to use. Under supervision, even our 6 and 8 year old children can easily learn how to cook or prep their next culinary experience… Or as they prefer to call it, a delicious dessert.
Thermomix is fun to use; as such, it constantly motivates you to try new recipes and ideas to wow your family and friends. It will inspire you but also others! But becareful, Thermomix is addictive, you might have guests knocking at your door in order to try your next creation.
Thermomix is healthier! It will entice you to cook fresh, delicious and healthy foods. You are in control of what you use. You like fresh organic local ingredients in the preparation of your meals? You decide what you put in.
Thermomix will save you a bunch of money. Why would you eat out at restaurants and purchase subpar take away foods when you can make superior, tastier, cheaper and faster meals at home? Take it on the road when you travel or when you go camping;  spend more time enjoying nature and your travels instead of spending your days cooking and cleaning dishes or spending all your money in restaurants. Besides, there will no longer be a need to buy the gamut of expensive kitchen appliances that Thermomix so effectively replaces.

How does this relate to veganism?

While it is not an appliance that was designed with vegans and veganism in mind, I have found the the versatility of the machine is of great value to the vegan lifestyle. From vegan cheeses, to home made spaghetti and soups all the way to the confection of natural  personal care products you can do it all with Thermomix.

Holy jumping vegan jelly beans! How do I get one?

Not so fast Max! Our goal is to absolutely make sure Thermomix is right for you. We pride ourselves on the great customer experience that we offer. From your initial interest in Thermomix all the way to your after purchase experience, we are here to make sure you are happy with your new Thermomix.
If you are interested in Thermomix, feel free to contact us to book your free cooking experience. This comprehensive demo will give you an idea of the amazing meals you can prepare in your very own kitchen.
Please get in touch with me at or simply use the “Contact Us” web form portion of this site.
We also invite you to peruse through the different sections of Vegan Rhapsody. We have several blog posts which explore a variety of subjects and recipes developed by Meagan and I. We at Vegan Rhapsody, are extremely proud of what we do.

See you soon!
Janik Lamontagne


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