The New Proposed Canadian Food Guide… Change? Or More Of The Same?

A new food guide for canadians

A few days ago, a story praising the Canadian government for amending and modernising the new Canadian food guidelines lit up the internet. The change? A complete overhaul of the food guide by dropping the milk and dairy category and the full on promotion of a whole foods plant based diet; albeit not dropping meat completely but choosing to advocate for a decrease instead. The strategy was two pronged – combat chronic illnesses associated with the consumption of animal products while on the other hand minimize the impact animal agriculture has on the environment. Vegans the world over rejoiced at the news of a major government moving in the right direction; in essence, by focusing on human health and the environment, Canada would also be helping animals… and anything that helps animals, even indirectly, vegans tend to like.

Early on, in the midst of the Second World War, the Canadian Food Guide morphed from a guide aimed to help Canadians make good food choices into a full fledged marketing tool promoting corporate interests. Throughout the decades and with deep ties to Canadian political circles, the dairy and meat lobby groups were able to use a huge fraction of public money to fund and subsidise their operations. This in turn gave rise to studies and marketing campaigns commissioned by these very same lobby groups in order to spread doubt and confusion as to what foods were healthy for human consumption. Is it any wonder health associations, doctors and special interest groups like animal activists and vegans welcomed this news with such fanfare?

Something new?

Fast forward a few days, and the story is already changing with reports that the dairy category has not been dropped and that the amendments to the proposed guide have not changed drastically from the 2007 version. Remember that these corporate groups are hugely influential and have deep pockets so such news probably sent ripples throughout all levels of government. Keep in mind that the list of major diseases linked to animal product consumption is extensive and that farm animals – who are just as sensitive as dogs and cats – are exposed to unthinkable conditions all the way to their harsh and unnecessary slaughter. In fact, humans do not need to eat animals and consume eggs and dairy to live and thrive.

Your voice needs to be heard!

This is where you come in… we need to spread the word throughout Canada (and the world) and get as many people involved to keep the changes that were highlighted in the proposed Canadian Food Guide. The new guide is set to be released in 2018 so this is what we need you to do until then: First, follow this link and give your feedback to let the Canadian government know what is important to you. Second, make sure you share this post as much as you can. We need to reach as many individuals as possible.

The animals thank you for your support.

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