The Ultimate Vegan Pancrêpes

I woke up Sunday morning craving pancakes.

I’ve experimented with about four or five different vegan renditions of classic buttermilk pancakes — some using VeganEgg and aquafaba as an egg subsitute, some with banana and others with vegan buttermilk (almond milk + apple cider vinegar) — but none of these reminded me of the savoury, pillowy (dairy-based) variety I used to make. The kind the kids would ask me to make for weeknight dinner….I missed those pancakes.

When I took my first bite of this variety I instantly smiled…it was fluffy like a pancake but also a little chewy like a classic French crepe. The kids devoured them and affectionately called them “pancrêpes” so I decided to name them as such. Yes they contain white flour (vs whole-wheat, spelt or a healthier variety) and yes I used vegan butter to grill them, but I firmly believe some foods are meant to be indulgent. Pancakes, given how often our family eats them, are just that. My advice: Savour thy pancakes. If you want to balance the decadence, try serving with a fruit plate and smoothie.



Preheat griddle to 350F.


2 cups flour, organic white
2 Tbsp cane sugar
1 Tbsp aluminum-free baking powder
1/2 tsp aluminum-free baking soda
1 tsp flaxseeds, ground
Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

2 cups almond milk
3 Tbsp coconut oil, melted
2 Tbsp lemon juice, fresh
1 tsp vanilla extract

Vegan butter (for greasing the skillet)


1/Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, flaxseeds and salt in large mixing bowl. Set aside.
2/Insert butterfly whisk attachment to Thermomix mixing knife.

Add almond milk, melted oil, lemon juice and vanilla to Thermomix mixing bowl. Whisk 10 sec/Speed 4. Remove whisk attachment before starting Step 3.
Reminder: When using the butterfly whisk attachment never use higher than Speed 4.
3/Transfer dry ingredients to Thermomix mixing bowl. Mix 20 sec/Speed 3.5. 
Do not overmix. The batter is now ready.
4/Spread butter on griddle. Pour batter on griddle and cook 3-5 minutes (per side) or until golden brown. Drizzle with butter and maple syrup before serving.

Makes 8 medium-sized pancakes. 

*If your are still craving something sweet after making these Pancrêpes our vegan French Toast recipe won’t disappoint.*

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Note: This recipe was made using a Thermomix appliance, however it can easily be adapted using similar food prep tools (e.g. mutli-function processor, immersion blender etc) or using a more traditional stovetop method.





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