The origin of World Vegan Day Every November 1st, vegans around the world celebrate World Vegan Day; it was first established in 1994 by Louise Wallis the chair of the Vegan Society (U.K.) at the time in order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the organization and the coining of the terms “vegan” and “veganism” […]

Vegan Supply For those of you who don’t already know, Vegan Supply has been Canada’s one stop online shopping for everything vegan since 2015. It has an online presence at and new this year a brick and mortar store in Vancouver’s Chinatown (June 2017). The product selection is both extensive and diverse as products are […]

Bread making — and baking in general —  is a way of life in the Lamontagne family. My grandfather was a baker and my dad pretty much runs his own personal ‘boulangerie’ out of his basement suite. In fact, when we visit my dad you’ll find Meagan and my dad engaged in a discussion about […]

Should an eight year old need to hide who he is in order to stop being bullied? Of course not! In this day and age, it boggles my mind that someone would even suggest such a thing. However, this is exactly what someone close to me suggested we do when my son came back in […]

Despite our best efforts, it is sometimes hard for vegans to navigate a world where animal products are so pervasive. Even after more than a quarter century of avoiding animal products, I  am sometimes still surprised with how humans use animal parts in everyday life. A few days ago I was shocked to learn that […]

For a few months now we’ve been hearing of a veggie burger patty by Beyond Meat that taste, feels and looks like real ground beef. We heard that Wholefoods carried their products but after hitting a few locations around the Vancouver area we came back empty handed. Luckily, we live close to the U.S. so […]

Story by: Smriti Prasadam-Halls Illustrations by: Katherine Manolessou When it comes to veganism and children, sooner or later, the issue of being different from other children will pop up. No matter whether these children were born in a vegan family or they are children of parents who have transitioned or are transitioning to veganism, the […]

Travelling all over the world can pose many challenges for vegans and would be vegans. While airlines are good at accommodating many dietary requirements, Long haul flights and travelling to countries not accustomed to veganism can still be daunting. Luckily, Australia is very familiar with the vegan lifestyle and the city of Brisbane is no […]

Welcome to our new blog everyone. Today, Meagan and I are definitely taking the plunge and we are really excited about sharing our vegan journey with all of you. This blog has been a long time coming as we wanted to be able to properly portray our vision for a better world while at the […]