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Indian Style Tofu Scramble with Cumin Roasted Homestyle Fries

Feature Recipe | Indian Style Tofu Scramble with Cumin Roasted Homestyle Fries   There’s not too many things I really miss since switching to a plant-based diet, but fluffy scrambled eggs (with a side of homestyle fries) is one of them. After all, breakfast for dinner is on regular rotation in the Lamontagne household 😊. Since this […]

Eggless Chickpea Frittata

Giving up eggs – unlike cheese –  wasn’t very hard for me. Smell aside, I was never enamored by the taste. I only ate them because I believed they were good for me. Case in point, my dietician who guided me through my pregnancy with gestational diabetes “prescribed” eggs as one of my healthiest meal […]

Vegan Waffles

Around four years ago when Janik worked in sales at a big box (electronics) retailer he scored a waffle iron – normally $100 — for just $30 (only the box was damaged so it was reduced to sell). Since that purchase,  waffles have become a weekend favourite. In fact, they’ve even become a post-race tradition. […]