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Vegan Rhapsody is dedicated to 100% vegan-inspired content from products and recipes to discussion of newsworthy topics/issues related to a vegan lifestyle. If you have an affiliate program you feel would be a good fit for Vegan Rhapsody we encourage you to reach out at for further discussion. We would love to support like-minded individuals and/or organizations passionate about everything vegan and/or plant-based!


If you’re interested in sponsoring a post on Vegan Rhapsody or collaborating in some other way, please reach out via email at and we’ll get back to you shortly! Thank you for your interest.


Some product links on our blog posts are affiliate links. We are able to create our recipes and purchase photography/food styling props, in part, through the use of affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link that is an affiliate link and/or purchase an item after clicking on that link, we may receive a modest commission.

Note that any affiliate links featured on our site are carefully selected as we only recommend products that we love and use often.

Thank you for your support — affiliate links help us maintain our site and help towards continued growth!


We also partake in advertising programs in order to subsidize the costs associated with running our blog. Unlike the affiliate programs we have little control over the type of ads being displayed on your screen. We do however review the ads on a regular basis in order to block the ones that are not vegan friendly. We thank you for your support and understanding.