Never heard of Thermomix?

Janik and I came to learn of Thermomix at the 2017 Veg Expo back in January. As recent purchasers of a VitaMix (including the dry container add-on accessory) I hesitated to stop at the Thermomix booth. When I saw the demonstrator using a digital touch-screen to whip up a recipe (not to mention that our son was very curious about a kitchen appliance) I was intrigued — and have never looked back.

Surprisingly, Thermomix has been around since 1971. It’s made a name for itself in Australia and many parts of Europe and only in the last few years has it started to make in-roads in Canada.

Thermomix is affectionately known as my “kitchen assistant”. It can weigh, mix, chop, mill, knead, blend, steam, cook, beat, precisely heat, stir and emulsify — 12 functions in one compact appliance. This is a pretty tall order for an appliance this size (and price point, more below) but in the few months since purchasing my Thermomix I have yet to find a recipe I can’t make with my Thermomix.



But what does it do?

I often joke that the only thing it doesn’t do is the dishes… so what does it do exactly, and how does this create value for me and my family — read on!

*Simplifies: Thermomix helps streamline making meals by handling the time-consuming tasks for me. Less rush around meal time means more quality time with my family.
Some examples:
-Instead of mincing garlic, I simply peel the skin and throw in the Thermomix bowl. The highly engineered mixing knife blade will mince the garlic for me.
-I need ground almonds for my pesto recipe,  but only have whole almonds. The mill/grind function allows me to create almond flour in mere seconds.
-Instead of dicing and chopping vegetables for a soup recipe I can “rough cut” my carrots, zucchini and sweet potatoes and Thermomix will do the chopping for me….as finely or as coarse as I want by adjusting the blade speed.

*Multi-tasking: Using my Thermomix allows me to prepare a meal and do other tasks at the same time. Before Thermomix I wouldn’t be able to start making the kids’ school lunches until 7:30pm — after preparing dinner and cleaning the dishes. With Thermomix I am able to get an early start on school lunches during stages of a recipe where Thermomix does the work for me.
Some examples:
-While Thermomix sautes my garlic and onions for three minutes that’s time I don’t have to stand over the stove sautéing by hand.
-At the last stage of making minestrone soup I simply add the noodles to my Thermomix bowl and set the cook function for the allotted time. No need to stand over my pot of boiling water on the stove to monitor for dread “boil over” incidents.
-I used to pre-measure my ingredients and set them beside the stove to save time. With the built-in scale functionality I can simply “grab and go” placing my ingredients from the cupboard (e.g. jars, bottles etc) on weigh each item as I prepare a dish.

*Versatility: I can make tea biscuits for breakfast, pizza dough for lunch, soup for dinner and mango sorbet for dessert — all using my Thermomix.  From crushing ice to gently stirring my cookie dough, I can be confident that the Thermomix is robust enough to handle the challenge.
Some examples: 
-Butterfly whisk: This attachment, easily inserted on top of the mixing knife, is used for whipping and whisking (e.g. cream).
-Varoma: Consisting of three parts (dish, lid and tray) the Varoma is used to steam food and cook multiple dishes simultaneously. For example, you can be steaming rice in the TM bowl (using the simmering basket insert) and steaming vegetables in the Varoma at the same time.
-Reverse blade: By pressing the reverse function (SYMBOL HERE) you change the blade direction of the mixing knife. This allows you to blend delicate foods without them falling apart (up to speed 3) or shred ingredients without shopping them (speeds 4 through 10).

*Customization: Sometimes I feel more creative in the kitchen, while other times I just want to get a meal made so that I can move onto other important tasks on the family agenda. I really appreciate that Thermomix allows me to be as creative or as “automated” as I want by offering both manual and guided cooking modes. I don’t know of any other small kitchen appliance with this level of innovation.
For example:
-We’ve spent the day at a waterpark and get home late on a Saturday evening. Since I’m in the mood for “simple” I insert the recipe-chip into my Thermomix and select “Noodle Soup”. The digital display not only tells me what ingredients (and amounts) I need, but will guide me step-by-step through the recipe using touch-screen options.

Want to learn more?

Thermomix has not only changed my cooking experience, but optimized my time in the kitchen as well. Preparing meals is less stressful, more productive and is now tailored to suit whether I’m in the mood for a hands on or hands off  “kitchen assistant”.

Since purchasing my Thermomix I look at every meal as an opportunity to “Thermomize” recipes I come across online, or as an opportunity to “Thermomize” family favourites that I have been making, until now, what I call the “conventional way” — using a food processor, hand immersion blender and/or VitaMix.

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