About us


This site is run by a couple/best friends Meagan and Janik Lamontagne, who live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Meagan takes the lead on recipe development and food styling for Vegan Rhapsody. By trade, she has a background in marketing communications. Janik lends his photography skills to produce all recipe images for Vegan Rhapsody and spearheads internet marketing for the site. Janik is a passionate world traveller who works as a flight attendant for a national airline carrier. Our kids (age 7 and 9) are active participants in making this blog what it is. In fact we rely on their feedback to help determine which recipes we ultimately share with our readers.


Outside of our day jobs our passions include spending time with the kids, running, cooking and Netflix binge-watching. In early January 2017 we started watching a few popular Netflix docs such as “What the Health” and “Cowspiracy” which were eye-opening to say the least. We were both lacto-ovo vegetarian at the time (25 years for Janik, 7 years for Meagan) but watching these documentaries was the beginning of an awakening for us around what really happens in the egg and dairy industry. After watching only two or three documentaries we both looked at each other and knew it was time to take the next step and go vegan. We’ve never looked back…


Since cutting dairy and eggs from our diet (including both kids) the entire family has never felt better nor have we ever been more inspired in the kitchen. Pizza, tacos, lasagna and macaroni and cheese — it’s possible to make plant-based versions of all our favourite dishes and it’s possible for them to be delicious. In fact, we all agree that none of us would ever want to consume dairy or egg-based meals again and have embraced the unique texture and flavours that plant-based ingredients offer. If Janik, a self-obsessed pizza addict, doesn’t miss being vegetarian it’s possible for anyone to thrive being vegan.


For us, being vegan is about embracing an ethical lifestyle — one that has a positive impact on animals, the environment and personal health. Vegan Rhapsody is our way of sharing our passion for vegan-inspired living with others. We aren’t trailblazers but we certainly hope that we can bring awareness to veganism and all the benefits it has to offer. Whether you are a passionate vegan, transitioning to the vegan lifestyle or simply curious about what “veganism” is all about, we hope that you find content on our site that resonates with your personal journey.

Meagan & Janik