After having been vegetarian for years, becoming vegan was the next logical step for Meagan and I. Both avid supporters of environmental and animal rights issues we could no longer reconcile our eating habits with our moral and ethical values. Once we knew the truth about the egg and dairy industry we took the plunge and never looked back. Our family also includes two over enthusiastic little vegans (8 and 6 years old) and six transitioning vegan felines; indeed, even some obligate carnivores can lead a healthier and happier life on a balanced vegan diet.

As we move towards a better future for all, our family made the conscious decision to show the beauty of the vegan lifestyle hoping to inspire and intice individuals to give veganism a try.  In essence, we are sharing our continuing journey in order to show what a compassionate, healthier and ethical plant based lifestyle can bring to the table. Our Blog will touch on a variety of topics from animal and environmental activism, vegan recipes, vegan product reviews and health and exercise. We like to think of veganism as an ethical lifestyle having a significant impact on animals, the environment and personal health.